Taking Control of your Health…One-Year Update


The proof is in the pudding…well maybe not the pudding, but undoubtedly the blood work!!

Our blog about Taking Control of your health…one-year update

The beginning of 2019, Diana embarked on the mission of getting healthier by the end of the year and to allow us to document her progress.  We all (self-included) have the “New Year Goal” to make changes and become healthy.  However, for Diana it became more personal than just a goal.  The wake-up call was when she ended up in the hospital and subsequently diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  She already suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS).  EDS is a rare genetic disorder where one’s body doesn’t make the needed collagen to stabilize joints, organs, and basically every part of the body.  It has a myriad of complications, the most debilitating is chronic pain, often due to regular subluxations and dislocations, as an example.  She has worked very hard to spread awareness, as there is currently no cure.  Recently, several celebrities have come forward confirming they have EDS, such as pop artist Sia, which helps awareness.  Through this process with Diana, I have truly learned firsthand what it means to be in chronic debilitating pain and “look normal”.

Therefore, when Diana was hospitalized and diagnosed with Celiac Disease, along with notable problems with the results of her blood panel, on top of EDS, it was a turning point for both of us.  She needed help, and I needed to figure out how to truly help her get better.  I also had a vested interest, she is my life partner, the mission was personal and professional.  In order to look at Diana from a 360-degree wellness approach with the myriad of issues she was facing, I needed to truly look at and make needed changes to our wellness approach.   In doing that, we ended utilizing 39 different metrics to develop a wellness score and treatment plan for Diana.  Due to remarkable changes in Diana’s health, we have now implemented the same approach throughout the practice.

After introducing the 39 metric Approach and Diana understanding her wellness score, I put together a treatment plan for services here at the office along with the changes that needed to be made at home.   Through periodic re-exam’s, we document her progress and she is held accountable for her health.

We are happy to report that she has made remarkable strides, and from a health perspective is a completely different person than she was a year ago.  A few of the improvements are

  • Triglycerides went from 485 to 136
  • Lost 25 pounds
  • True Full Body Detoxification
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Reduced Pain
  • Reduced Illness (catching the common cold) by 90 percent
  • She has fewer “down days”
  • Postural and neurological improvement – her posture has improved 75% on comparison studies

We have changed the trajectory of her life.  I should also mention that with a chronic pain condition, she doesn’t take any opioid protocols.  We have made those changes in one year and I am excited to see where we are with her health in another year!!

If you or someone you know would like to schedule an appointment for a 360-degree wellness exam, please contact our office.

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