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Toxins are All Around Us

We are living in a time when the Earth’s environment is the most polluted in known history. We are continually inhaling and assimilating residues from petrochemicals, plastics, and pesticides that occupy cell receptor sites and block hormone utilization.

Consider the Following Statistics

  • 400% Increase in heart disease since 1900*
  • 500% increase in cancer mortality since 1900*
  • 250% increase in breast cancer since 1980*
  • 59% decrease in male sperm count since 1940*
  • 1600% increase in birth defects since 1980*
  • More than 95% of cancer is caused by environmental toxicity and diet

Source = Columbia University School of Public Health

  • The average city water contains more than 500 chemicals

Source = USA Today

  • Multiple studies show that most of us have between 300-800 chemical residues stored in the fat cells of our bodies.
  • Pesticide residues are detectable in 50-95% of the food consumed in the U.S. * National Center for Disease Control and Prevention – Center for Health Solutions

Toxins damage cells, disrupt our endocrine systems, and impair the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and heal itself. The body cannot metabolize most of the poisons to which it is exposed. Most of these toxins remain in the body for many years, stored in the fat cells that exist throughout the body.

Ionic Foot Cleanse Detoxification at Our Clinic

The ion therapy device utilizes direct current to create an electromagnetic ionic field in which the patient places their feet in a water and salt mixture to increase energy and the positively charged cellular activity through the attached array.

  • Designed and developed to restore the body’s balance and energy levels through exposure to an ion field.
  • The EB Pro® Ion Therapy Systems are only direct current units to ensure no unwanted power transients or static sounds are passed to the body.
  • Average treatment time is 18-23 minutes.
  • Healthy individuals often feel more energy and experience a greater feeling of well-being.
  • Patients with pain, edema, gout, headaches, and swollen joints have often reported immediate relief.
  • Other patients with arthritis, allergies, lymph edema, neuralgia and other symptoms have experienced relief and benefits with multiple treatments.
  • Manufactured to ISO standards at Erchonia Medical in McKinney, Texas.

During an ionic foot bath, different colors and what look like flecks will come out of the array. The colors can represent a certain toxin or even the area of the body the toxin was taken from. Each foot bath varies from person to person. No two end results will be the same.

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