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Not many people know or understand what color therapy, also called chromotherapy, is all about. Simply put, it is a holistic healing modality that incorporates different colors in an attempt to positively alter our emotions, moods and overall well-being. Color, which is a type of visible light, also contains electromagnetic energy. Every color seen in the rainbow contains its own special healing property.

Even the Sun and Moon have healing qualities to them. There are many people throughout the world who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and find solace through the use of a sun lamp or other such device that mimics the healing properties of the Sun. Every single cell in our bodies need light energy in order to grow and survive. Color energies therefore affect our whole body.

A color therapist uses certain tools and/or visualization techniques and suggestions to apply color to our bodies in an attempt to heal those parts of our bodies suffering under physical, emotional, or spiritual strain.

The History of Color Therapy

The use of color therapy has been around for a very long time, with the earliest recording dated 2500 years ago, when, color halls were established for healing purposes all over ancient Egypt and China.

Although Sir Isaac Newton created the world’s first known color wheel, it was Johann Wolfgang Goethe who began studying the healing effects of color almost 100 years later. He divided colors into two different groups: one that caused sadness and another that caused happiness.

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