Joint Pain

It’s not a myth: active weather patterns, and low-pressure systems in particular, have a noticeable effect on our bodies, including joint pain, headaches, and even the occasional induced labor. …
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Summertime has almost arrived. Time to fill up the water-guns, and light the camp-fires. But, before you take off on your summer adventures, make sure…
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The past couple of weeks, we all suffered from the same sinus and allergy issues that everyone suffered from, but that was accompanied with severe…
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Incorporating the Ion Foot Detox

The past week we incorporated the Ion Foot Detox in Diana’s whole-body detoxification process.  I have witnessed firsthand the difference this process has made in…
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Incorporating the Infrared Sauna

This week Diana focused on incorporating the Infrared Sauna three times a week to her whole- body detox regime.   We are incorporating one additional service…
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My Celiac Disease Diagnosis

My name is Diana Scott, I am 43 and was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease this year and was accurately diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome…
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