Natural and holistic care.

We seek to treat the underlying causes
of the disease rather than a set of symptoms.

The Evolution of our Purpose:

Dr. Scott became interested in natural health practices while playing football for Abilene Christian University.  It is through his own personal injuries, that he first became interested in alternative medicine, and ultimately that experience is why he became a chiropractor, graduating from Parker in 2000.

However, after being a chiropractor for two decades, he has realized that alternative and natural medicine goes way beyond chiropractic care.   Through his years of practice and his continued yearning for more education in a myriad of natural healing practices and how to help people get well from the root cause.

Over the past several years, he has been highly focused on how natural medicine can heal one’s illness, not just “band-aid” the problem.  Through this continued hunger for helping his patients treat the underlining problem, rather than allowing the practice of modern medicine that works to keep the person ill.  He has had to conduct a great deal of research and continue his education to fully understand the cycle of modern medicine and the continued use of pharmaceuticals and American’s dependence on them, which consequently keeps pharmaceutical companies in business.  Understanding that “Big Pharma” wants each of us to be well enough to be alive, but sick enough to always need that medicine or the additional medicine that combats the side effects of the medicine already prescribed.

The American Pharmaceutical company has the masses in their cycle of sickness that ultimately makes them Billions.  This cycle of sick care must be stopped.  Through his continued research, education and certifications, he has learned without question, the same is true for the food companies, alcohol industries and tobacco companies.  Basically, the American environment has created an entire society of Addicts, Depression, Anxiety, and Toxicity in one way or the other.

Through this process, he and Diana; overcoming their own toxicity, anxiety and addictions, because they are/were no different than everyone else in the American public, has pushed him to enter the next phase of his life and career of lifestyle and wellness coaching.

This growth is precisely why Lake Cities Wellness has been created. This is our next phase, and we feel is the most important phase of our careers, being able to assist clients in becoming well and educating them on how to stay well and live their best life naturally.

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